Saw size
  • 78''
  • 98''

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General information: 

  • Model: BS-2000CNC 78” CNC Band Saw / BS-2500CNC 98” CNC Band Saw
  • Prices indicated are FOB Los Angeles CA. US. Tooling, rigging, freight & sales taxes are not included

  • Payment terms: 50% deposit , 50% balance before ship  

  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Delivery time: xx days after deposit
  • Training, installation, tooling & rigging are option. Customer is responsible for local regulations and utilities connecting


  • Advanced CNC control features powerful function and easy operation.
  • High efficiency curve cutting without need of copy template.
  • Band blade swiveling angle: ±90˚
  • Automatic wood infeed and outfeed. Fully automatic cutting operation.
  • All travels are driven by servo motors combined with the use of linear guide ways.
  • Aluminum alloy automatic feeding mechanism features light weight, maximum durability and elegance.
  • Rugged machine construction.
  • 15" fully colorful LED monitor and controller.
  • AXIS CARD: 4 servo axes +1 set of analog voltage output +1MPG hand-wheel axis.
  • 4 axes control. Available to connect with various interfacing ports, such as RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and Ethernet.
  • 32 bit CPU. Built-in open type PLC and Macro.

Data sheet

Machine Size (L x W x H)
BS-2000CNC: 5200*3300*2600 mm / BS-2500CNC: 6200*3300*2600 mm
Machine net weight
BS-2000CNC: 3800 kg / BS-2500CNC: 4200 kg
Cutting angle
Cutting depth
Maximum sized of cut (L*W*H)
BS-2000CNC: 2000*1200*150mm / BS-2500CNC 2500*1200*150mm
Band sawblade sizes
5900*12.7*0.8 mm
Saw wheel diameter
Saw wheel speed
750 rpm
Sawblade speed
Saw wheel adjustement
Spindle - X axis feed speed
0/70 MT/min
Spindle - Y axis feed speed
0/20 MT/min
Motor - X axis
3.5 Kw
Motor - Y axis
1.6 Kw
Motor - C axis
0.7 Kw
Band sawable motor
Dust hood outlet diameter
100mm * 2
Working air pressure
6 bar